Fire & Smoke Restoration

Shamas Contracting are experts and highly experienced in fire damage, soot and smoke restoration. We understand the significance of what fire damage does to your property. We also realize that we need to commence and complete the process quickly and efficiently. We are there to support you through the process to ensure that you back on your feet as soon as possible. As experienced contractors we will restore your property to pre-loss condition in a timely manner.

We can deal directly with your insurance company to help proceed with your claim quickly and efficiently. We will aim to attend your fire damaged property as soon as possible so we can inspect and determine the level of damage.

Smoke damage can be very severe, soot has the ability to cover every surface. As no two fires are the same, the extent of the damage will vary, we will conduct the clean-up as soon as possible. This may comprise of odour and smoke removal, cleaning, sanitation, and cleaning of the air vents and ducts. We will save anything that may be deemed salvageable and make sure that it is cleaned properly so that the smoke odour does not linger long after the fire is gone. It is important to make sure that everything in your home is cleaned in the right way using the right cleaning methods so that your home does not continue to smell like smoke.